Pain Management

Hypnotherapy Course for Management of Pain

Using Hypnotherapy for Pain Control and Management

Pain is unique to the individual, therefore the aim of this ‘Intensive’ is to teach a range of practical and psychological approaches which can be utilised as appropriate to the individual and their pain experience. These approaches can be incorporated within their overall pain control / management to help a patient feel more comfortable and to address associated emotional and psychological issues.

This 2 day course will be facilitated by Christine Blessing (Course Director, Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis Ltd) and Jackie Swift (Specialist Hypnotherapist working with children and families and using hypnosis within cancer care). Christine and Jackie have developed and run specialist courses in using hypnosis within palliative care at both Newcastle and Bradford Marie Curie Hospices and various other hospices and specialist palliative care teams throughout the North of England.


Managing Pain:

Medical and technological advances have made pain  more manageable today than ever before but although pain is biological it is also influenced by psychological and cultural factors and therefore for many sufferers a combination of medicine and psychological techniques is most beneficial. When pain is managed effectively , the patients quality of life is greater and they are less physically and emotionally stressed and anxious.


Using Hypnotherapy for Pain Control and Management

2 day course
  • This ‘intensive’ will explore:
  • Pain – facts and figures
  • The expectations of pain and how you feel pain
  • The diagnosis of and conventional treatments of pain
  • Resources to empower clients to live with and manage their pain effectively and appropriately
  • Cost: £170 (2 days) includes notes,tea/coffee & biscuits
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