Intensive Hypnosis Courses

Hypnotherapy ‘Intensive’ courses:

NCTH Ltd CPD (Continued Professional Development) certificates are awarded after each ‘Intensive’ course on the completion of a worksheet and a learning diary.  Some ‘Intensives’ are CERTA accredited.

‘Intensive’ Courses Cost: £170 per weekend (2 days training) some may be priced differently due to being longer than a weekend and/or being available through e-learning. There is an additional £35 accreditation fee for all CERTA accredited ‘Intensives’.

These courses are suitable for anyone interested in expanding their skills in hypnotherapy/counselling in particular areas of interest.  ‘Intensive’ courses also include other related topics of interest e.g. counselling skills, coaching/motivational interviewing and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) which a Hypnotherapist/Counsellor can add to their ‘toolbag’. Our range of courses continue to expand and be developed.


There are no formal entry requirements for these courses other than a natural progression of learning and understanding through previous  studies in hypnotherapy/counselling (or related).

NCTH learners are eligible to undertake ‘Intensive’ courses on successful completion of the Diploma course. Students who have completed appropriate level training elsewhere may also be eligible to continue their professional development through:

    •    demonstration of accredited prior learning – the knowledge and understanding of common hypnosis inductions, deepeners and hypnotherapy techniques are generally necessary for this level of training.  However, some ‘Intensives’ are suitable for those who haven’t trained in Hypnotherapy but are using counselling or other related psychotherapeutic techniques within their work.

Learners who have studied Hypnotherapy, counselling or ‘other’ interventions elsewhere are welcome to telephone initially for an informal chat to determine the suitability of the course for them.


  • Generally – unless CERTA accredited, a 2 day programme (10.00am-5.00pm Saturday and Sunday) including tutoring, demonstrations & supervised practical sessions
  • For CERTA accredited courses – qualified assessment (Approved Internal Verifier Status) and detailed feedback on all written work
  • Personalised course folder containing learner handbook and all relevant course material
  • Liquid refreshments throughout the course
  • Informal teaching style allowing course members to ask questions and make input
  • Limited group numbers to ensure maximum benefit from tutor


Course content generally includes:

  • Background history and introduction to the particular topic/area of interest
  • Introduction, demonstration and practice of therapeutic intervention as relevant
  • Real life case studies
  • For CERTA accredited courses – additional online resources available through our e-learning site

Generally 2 days unless CERTA accredited.  ‘Intensive’ courses are scheduled Spring/Summer (February-August) and Autumn/Winter (September-February).  Please enquiry for next dates if not stated.


The courses involve continued assessment in both practical and theoretical areas throughout each day and there is a short worksheet and learning diary to complete at the end .  For CERTA accredited ‘Intensives’, written work is also done via worksheets and learning diaries which can be completed on-line or through a paper based portfolio. Comprehensive feedback is offered as part of the assessment process.  This assessment process ensures learners all meet the minimum standard as required by CERTA.

Intensive Courses include:

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