Hypnotherapy Course for Eating Disorders

Using Hypnotherapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

The aim of this ‘Intensive’ is to enable participants to specifically improve their ability to specialise within the complex area of annorexia nervosa, bulemia and binge eating disorders and will explore the associated addictive elements and how to effectively deal with them.

This 2 day course will be facilitated by Christine Blessing (Course Director – Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis) and Jackie Swift (Senior Lecturer – Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Specialist Hypnotherapist). Christine and Jackie have both successfully utilised hypnotherapy and related psychotherapeutic techniques as part of the treatment of clients with eating disorders


Eating Disorder:

An Eating Disorder is an illness that permeates all aspects of each sufferer’s life and is generally caused by a variety of emotional factors and influences.Eating disorders have profound effects on the people suffering and their loved ones and may result in serious health consequences including death.

Using Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

This ‘intensive’course will explore:
  • This ‘Intensive’ will explore:
  • The etiology and predisposing factors which can cause eating disorders
  • Gender, cultural and age issues
  • The signs, symptoms and behaviour characteristics of an eating disorder
  • Risk factors – the psychological / physical symptoms and medical consequences of eating disorders
  • Conventional treatments / professional help
  • Practical resource ‘tools’ and appropriate hypnosis /psychotherapeutic techniques which can empower clients to change their perception of themselves and their eating patterns / behaviour
  • Cost: £170 (2 days) includes notes,tea/coffee & biscuits
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