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Hypnotherapy Course for Business

Suitable for SME (Small Medium Enterprises) we specialise in training which enables organisations to grow and develop in an increasingly fast moving market place.  Both our ‘tailored’ training and general courses are designed to meet the needs of the developing business and our training will enable you to implement and utilise your new understanding and skills within your workplace.

 We can also  faciliate ‘away days’ which focus on staff development, organisational change, and management issues


Elements of all our courses can be offered through E-learning if necessary, some courses are suitable for ‘blended’ learning provision.  Support and interaction is available through qualified E-learning tutors.

Workplace Stress Management

1 day (inc notes & refreshments)
  • Approximately 1 in 3 of the population in Europe are affected by stress.  This course will explain what stress is and how the power of the mind can be utilised to facilitate beneficial and positive changes.  It will introduce the basics of relaxation and other ‘tools’ which can be easily employed by the individual to address a variety of common workplace stress issues and concerns.
  • Benefits of learning Stress Management techniques:
  • improved awareness of the sources of stress and the impact stress has on an organisation
  • increased confidence to deal with work ’stressors’ – benefiting you and your organisation
  • ability to ‘de-stress’ by utilising simple practical techniques
  • This course will explore –  Key ‘stressors’ and what to do about them, emotional and physical reactions to stress (the mind/body link), the alleviation of stress by utilising basic therapeutic intervention techniques. Participants will be introduced to basic relaxation methods and simple but effective techniques which can be utilised for their own benefit.
  • Courses are presented in a ‘down-to-earth’ fashion – the emphasis being that learners get the ‘hands-on’ experience of the subject.
  • Our training methods are creative and interactive with an emphasis on involvement and fun!
  • Suitable for  anyone who is interested in the mind and how it affects self-help and personal-development.
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Other Business Courses include:

A Practical ‘hands-on’ introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Business and Sales Personnel:

Course Overview: NLP is not a theory it is a model which can be utilised in any business in order to improve rapport and facilitate an outcome.  Therefore, although we present the basic principles of NLP, all our courses are specifically targeted to the needs of the group and the business settings they are involved with.

Courses are presented in a ‘down-to-earth’ fashion – the emphasis being that learners get the ‘hands-on’ experience of the subject.

Our training methods are creative and interactive with an emphasis on involvement and fun!

Benefits of learning NLP techniques:

  • improved awareness of your own and others communication, thinking styles, and motivational drivers
  • focused and productive meetings
  • persuasive communication that informs, motivates and inspires others
  • increased confidence and enhanced ability to influence people and events

Delivered as: Taster (2-3 hours), 2 day course, 3 day course.



Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Business and Sales Personnel:

Course Overview: A practical ‘hands-on’ introduction to enhancing and developing verbal and non-verbal communication aimed at individuals who want to enhance their skills in order to achieve mutually beneficial solutions and proactivity within their workplace and the people they do business with.

 Delivered as: Taster (2-3 hours), 2 day course




Making Meetings Work for You:

Course Overview: A practical ‘hands-on’ introduction to understanding the ‘dynamics’ within a business meeting and utilising the necessary skills to ensure a positive experience of making a beneficial contribution, feeling involved and ensuring a successful outcome.  This course is suitable for those new to attending business meetings / networking who want to improve their input and results.

Delivered as: Taster (2-3 hours), 2 day course.




Creative Presentation / Training Skills:

Course overview: The course is aimed at encouraging, as well as developing the confidence and skills of staff working in a business who may need to run presentations / short learning / training sessions to large or small groups, in order to communicate ideas effectively and creatively. The sessions will include learning theory and some of the courses will put this into practice giving delegates an understanding of how people learn and an opportunity to try out their ability to plan and deliver a presentation / learning or training session in groups, in pairs and on an individual basis. Learners will also be encouraged to reflect on what they have learned and make plans for improvement.  This course is suitable for anyone new to presenting / training or those with experience who are looking for fresh ideas / more structured approach which means specific learning / business outcomes.

Delivered as: Taster (2-3 hours), 1 day course, 3 day non / accredited course (OCN), 4 day accredited course (OCN – one credit at levels 2 or 3).



Other Business courses

Other business courses:

  • Utilising Coaching and Mentoring for Business Success
  • Stress Management Within the Workplace
  • Assertiveness at Work
  • Effective Management for Business Development and Success
 The above courses can be ‘tailored’ to specific audiences and unless specified, can be offered as ‘tasters’ (2-3 hours) or over 1, 2, 3 or 4 days dependant on need.



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