Student Testimonials

vicki_photoI did some research into training courses and in 2006 I enquired about the foundation course with NCTH. During the first weekend, we had our first experience of hypnotising as well as being hypnotised and it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and so it was only natural to build upon the skills that I’d gained and do the hypnotherapy diploma too. Throughout the hypnotherapy diploma, I gained further experience in between course weekends by working with people with a variety of issues. By putting the theory into practice, it enabled me to be more confident once I passed the diploma exams and started working with real clients.

Towards the end of the hypnotherapy diploma course, I decided to create my own website to promote my business as well as various information guides and leaflets. Many of the people that come to see me have found out about me through word of mouth or they have seen my website. Promotion is a vital aspect of running a therapy business; you need to let people know who you are and what you do. Having a background in design and advertising has been an enormous help, but the course also covered essential information about running and promoting a therapy business, so there was something for everyone.

I find my work as a therapist very rewarding, particularly when just a few sessions can make such a big difference to someone’s life. Although some of the problems that people have are similar, no two clients are the same. Hypnotherapy is a continuous learning process and each session provides an opportunity to learn something ne

Vicki Crane

karenI trained with NCTH in Leicester throughout 2007-08.
Although I loved my training and the skills it gave me, actually qualifying was another matter.
I was always clear that I wanted to continue practicing hypnotherapy after qualifying but that was
easier said than done, as I found the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal was me.

I began to practice from home, on friends and family this was a great lesson for me as I soon realised that this wasn’t an ideal working space. I was limited because I had a family and also it was my space. I worked during the day and home was my relaxation space, therefore exploring people’s issues and concerns with them I found encroached on this.  My next step was to find other Hypnotherapist and work alongside them, discussing case studies and self-employment strategies, I found other practitioners really open to sharing their successes and case studies, research information and courses available.

I found this time to be invaluable, I was even lucky enough to sit in on some therapy sessions with the client’s consent and observe how the sessions were broken down and how the clinic bookings and client care is accomplished.

We decided to move to West Yorkshire, to Hebden Bridge to have that work/ life balance and spend more time together as a family.  I knew then that it was time to put into practice what I had learnt. I began looking for clinic space; I had a clear vision of how I wanted it to look and after a couple of months had finally found somewhere.  I was looking for space that was welcoming, easy to relax in without computers or telephones. I wanted it to be a serious therapy room but with colour and character, something that wasn’t too clinical. Rent was something I had to consider as it affects the cost of sessions and the accessibility for clients.  My biggest concern was being a solo practitioner, so I made sure that I found a clinic with other practitioners and therapists. I also contacted other local Hypnotherapists which was a really positive experience.

A friend of mine designed my logo and website and I sent my work off to the local printers to get my marketing material published.  Once I was ready to launch I rang local advertising papers which are free to the community and local businesses and placed my advert, everything I was doing was a learning curve for me and often as deflating as it was inflating.

In every step of the way I learnt more about myself, for most of the distance I had the enthusiasm but lacked in the self-belief.  I surrounded myself with different people to help me keep believing in what I was doing and my abilities within that scope, all of those people have mentored me into the practice I run today, I consider myself very privileged.

For me being successful isn’t about how many people book into my clinic, but how effective I can use hypnotherapy with each individual I work with. That’s how my practice builds, it builds from my self-belief.

—Karen Hickton