Meet the Lecturers

Christine Blessing (Course Director) – BA, D.Hyp (Dist), FHS, FCPS


Christine Blessing

Christine has over 20 years experience writing, developing and delivering training programmes on subjects such as assertiveness, motivation and communication in both the private and voluntary sectors.  She works part-time as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with private clients – addressing a variety of issues.  Christine has lectured extensively throughout the North of England and has built a reputation for creating a warm, friendly learning environment for students and is renowned for presenting information in an easily understandable manner.  She believes that learning can be fun and this is reflected in her own individual style of lecturing.  Christine presents training courses for individuals and corporate organisations specialising in communication skills and has worked in the capacity of examiner for a leading Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board.  Christine also designs, develops and delivers interactive E-learning training courses.


—Christine Blessing

Jackie Swift – RMN, Dip. Thyp (Dist), MHS Acc MCPS Acc


Jackie Swift

Jackie is a psychiatric nurse with over 40 years experience working in mental health.  She has worked in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry and has used hypnotherapy as her main intervention over the last 6 years in her health service work.  She works on a sessional basis at both Marie Curie and Cancer Support and does private work specialising in mental health issues, cancer and palliative care, loss and bereavement.

Jackie has worked for the NCTH as a lecturer since 2001 and really enjoys this work.  She believes that learning new skills should be fun as well as enabling students to achieve personal and professional growth and her style of presenting course material reflects this.  She is also keen that all students are given the best possible training to enable them to work safely and ethically on completing their diploma training, which is the philosophy of the College.


—Jackie Swift

Eunice Musgrave – Dip. Thyp, LHS


Eunice Musgrave

Originally from a nursing background at Charing Cross Hospital, Eunice went on to become an Air Stewardess for 8 years with a major airline.  From there she went into private nursing for 17 years and later, Hospice work in association with terminal cancer care in the community.

Eunice also works in private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in terminal illness and pain control, stress/anxiety disorders, blood pressure problems, post traumatic stress, pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome and phobias.

She also has 3 years experience in mental health, and has completed ‘alcohol abuse’ and ‘violence in the home’ courses.

—Eunice Musgrave

Graeme Matthews – Dip. Thyp (Dist), Dhyp (Dist), CTFT, MHS, MCS (Acc)


Graeme Matthews

Graeme has been in private practice in Otley, West Yorkshire since 2002.  Although his client base covers all the usual issues from smoking cessation to weight control, Graeme finds the majority of his work involves fears, phobias and survivors of abuse.  Using Hypnosis as his core treatment, TFT and NLP techniques are employed to enhance and tailor sessions to clients’ requirements.

Since 2003, Graeme has been involved with the college lecturing in Leeds, Sheffield and Leicester.  He says: “I find it a very satisfying and rewarding experience to see students develop and grow in confidence as each course progresses.  My involvement with Hypnosis has changed my life for the better, and I’m sure it can do the same for you”.

—Graeme Matthews

Mark R. Willey – Dip. Thyp, LHS

Mark R. Willey

Mark R. Willey

Mark has been lecturing for the college since 2002. He is fully registered with the NHS Directory of Complimentary and Alternative Practitioners, a full ‘Licentiate’ member of the Hypnotherapy Society and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.  He has a private practice in North Yorkshire and receives private referrals from local dental practitioners and general practitioners.  Mark has great experience and knowledge as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, whereby his professionalism and implementation of the latest and most effective techniques are now becoming recognised throughout the UK.  His client base is nationwide.  He says: “I can credit myself with helping people from all walks of life.  These clients include professional sports personalities and people from the music and entertainment industries.  I bring knowledge and experiences as a working Clinical Hypnotherapist into the learning environment.  I feel I do this in an understanding and professional manner.  Past students believe my style of lecturing has given them an insight into Clinical Hypnotherapy from both a therapeutic and business perspective”.


—Mark R. Willey

Lucy Gibbs – Dip. Thyp (Dist), LHS

Lucy Gibbs

Lucy Gibbs

Lucy is a fully qualified counsellor and has a background in youth counselling and smoking cessation.  She went on to train as a hypnotherapist and currently runs a private practice in Loughborough specialising in past life regression and confidence / self-esteem issues.
Lucy is also a qualified ‘life between lives’ therapist.

—Lucy Gibbs

Vince Wilson – Dip. Thyp, LHS

Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson

Vince works part time as a Clinical Hypnotherapist dealing with a variety of issues but specialising in working with phobias, weight control, stress, anxiety and smoking cessation.  Vince enjoys seeing the benefits that clinical Hypnotherapy can provide in his own practice and is enthusiastic for the work to be readily accepted by a wider public.

He believes that learning should be an enjoyable interactive experience which allows the student to relate to the subject, whilst mastering their skills and at the same time building their own self confidence.  Vince is also keen in not only providing the best possible training but also ensuring support to the student is provided after they have attained their Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

—Vince Wilson

Michael Conway – Dip. Thyp, LHS

 michael-web-photoMichael’s background in information technology is in contrast to his training as a hypnotherapist.  Following a life long interest in psychology and related subjects, he trained as a hypnotherapist and now practices privately on a part time basis.  His hypnotherapy practice in Newcastle  treats a wide range of people for numerous reasons from weight loss and smoking cessation to pain management, phobias, stress, confidence and more besides.  He also does occasional work in palliative care environments helping patients who are near the end of life and supporting the staff members who look after them on a more permanent basis.

—Michael Conway